How To Double Your Motivation

You’ve established a clear goal, have written it down but haven’t yet taken action. What’s holding you back?

To move forward and achieve success it is critical that your motivation is in great shape, here’s how you can learn to amp it up to the max.

Motivation is derived from the Latin word ‘to move’. It is the result of a process both internal and external by which your efforts are energised, directed and sustained towards a goal.

In our home, we have a saying that we use when a goal needs to be accomplished.

“Some pull some push.”

Here’s an example, you are considering a kitchen renovation but the thought of three weeks without cooking equipment is off putting. Then the following happens, the tap starts leaking -again, and a second ring on the hob stops working. We would say,

some pull: some push!

It reminds us that some things pull us towards our dream, e.g. shiny new taps and a sleek induction hob. While simultaneously other things push us towards our goal. That is, “If I have to call out a plumber one more time to fix this damn tap, I’m going to scream!”

How can you capitalise on both pull and push to ensure maximum motivation?

Here are three easy steps that you could take:

Let’s suppose you want to start attending the gym three or four times a week.

1. Define the pleasure.

What will you gain as a result of attending the gym?

  • Regaining my flexibility will allow me to move with ease.
  • Being more active would inspire me to sort out my eating habits too.
  • Being stronger will mean being able to do the activities I love.
  • My confidence will grow and I’ll feel more in-control.
  • I can play rough & tumble with the children again.
  • Exercise will help bring back the feel good vibes in my life.

These factors will help to pull you towards your goal because our brain rewards us with happy feelings when our needs are met.

2. Define what you will lose.

What will the pain be if you don’t sign up?

  • I’m going to continue to miss out,  playing with my children leaves me exhausted.
  • If nothing changes my health will continue to worsen & my doctor won’t be pleased.
  • I’m out of breath when I climb the stairs or walk uphill, I may loose the chance to put this right.
  • I won’t be strong enough to do the activities I love anymore.
  • I’ll continue to feel miserable.
  • My long-term health will suffer and decline.

These factors will help to push you towards your goal because we are programmed to avoid pain.

3. Learn to flip the switch.

To stay motivated, you will need to learn to focus on whichever set of outcomes serves you best at that time.

For example, if all your attention is on the positive results, you may fail to invest the required effort for long-term success. Alternatively, if you focus too strongly on the adverse outcomes they could defeat you.

Learn to flip the switch.

In your mind flip the switch from the positive outcomes to the negative ones or vice versa. The more you practice this, the easier it will become. By using both perspectives to your advantage, you will be able to double your motivation.

Beware! That you don’t allow your emotions to cloud this process. Those painful outcomes may make you fearful, but if you focus on your fears you could end up hi-jacked. Remember, the adverse consequences have not happened, you have neither succeeded nor failed. You are merely using these negative thoughts to help build up your motivation.

What’s one thing you could do right now to move towards your goal?

Stay motivated, team! xx