In her shoes

Had an excellent opportunity this week to be kind to a stranger.

Here’s how it happened. I was at the alterations shop, having a dress fitting. Overhearing the conversation between the tailor & young woman in the cubicle next door; I decided that I needed to act. The woman had forgotten her heels & as every woman knows that’s a big deal when you’re having a dress fitted.

Feeling embarrassed because of eve’s dropping; let’s face it no one likes a nosey parker. I popped my head out of the cubicle & said, “Sorry, I overheard your conversation. Would you like to borrow my shoes?” The young woman smiled, no judgement, just relief that she wasn’t going to waste her money or her trip to the tailor because she’d forgotten her heels.

What could the world be like if we risked the judgement of others & did it anyway?

Integrity, it’s doing the right thing no matter what the cost to your reputation.