One hack for success that you've been waiting for all your life.

Have you ever noticed that successful people seem to be able to go from one achievement to the next effortlessly? What if you could tap into their secret, imagine the doors that could open for you?

It's frustrating to watch others go from one outstanding project to another while the rest of us are left floundering. How incredible would it feel to know that by making one tiny shift in your daily routine you'd be on your way to a brighter future?

When athletes train for an event they practice things, like speedwork, intervals or kickboard drills at the pool. It's the only way to get faster and build up from nothing to something.

A marathon, for example, except on race day itself, every other day an athlete chooses how the help their body adapt to either required the required speed or the distance that needs to be covered. It's why doing only one long run a week is beneficial because it allows for adaptation while avoiding overloading the body with excessive training.

For most people, however, the work-life pattern is quite different from that of the athlete. It's often five or six days of high paced work, followed by a day or two at a complete standstill -the weekend.

Here's the thing, and it's crucial if we want to gain long-term success. Marathon runners don't have days off. Sure, they have days when they don't run but every day has a purpose or focus that builds towards race day. Even recovery days are an active part of training.

Success is the same. It's often said,

Successful people do what other people don't do.

One thing that athletes and the successful have in common is that they make each day count toward the end goal -their next outstanding achievement.

If we want success we need to be the marathon runner who adds in some speed work on the running track or builds the distance of their long run. They are disciplined and consistent in their effort not because they necessarily enjoy it, but because they know it will count.

Perhaps, we can only manage one small burst of activity today towards our big goal. That's OK. Let's be determined to get a bit of "speedwork" done. Perhaps it's reading a chapter of that business book, following up a customer or finishing the half-written copy. Whatever it is be the marathon runner. Make today count.