More Fun Less Expense

Having fun can be expensive! Gone are the days when a small lego set or a packet of side-walk chalk cost only one week of a child's pocket money. Today, it can be frustrating trying to keep the children entertained on a wet weekend without breaking the bank.

Imagine knowing you could be in better financial shape at the end of 2018 than you were last year and still keep the kids happy. 

You know what needs to change and have decided that being careful with your budgeting and saving plans is a great way to start.

To help you transition to a new financially savvy you, here are five fun activities that’ll cost you less than your morning bus fare:

1.    Afternoon Bake Session: Be it keto cookies, Gluten-free cake, Dairy-free muffins or Vegan scrolls, an afternoon of creative deliciousness can happen with an oven and a couple of hours. For a combined purchase price of about $4, all the necessary ingredients are available at most supermarkets. With so many free recipes out there today, there’s no need to purchase a fancy cookbook, just use google to discover a world of beautiful recipes at your fingertips.

2.    Take a Hike: Few things can beat the calm, soothing touch of mother nature. Take a packed lunch and hike through your nearest wood, beach, or farmland. For added fun bring a camera and snap the new landscapes you find – who knows, you may discover you have a knack for photography along the way.

3.    Reorganize your space: Home/workplace/bedroom: Doesn’t sound that fun? I beg to differ, picture a nicely cleaned room with things creatively organised to suit functionality and aesthetic. Pinterest has some great ideas for creative spaces. And why not get the kids involved in designing their ideal bedroom, you’ll be surprised at their creativity, and it just might inspire your own.

4.    Complete a dreams diary: dream big, get lost in your ideas, it doesn’t matter how far-fetched the idea. Then reward your hard thinking by taking one small step in the direction of that dream. After all, how do you climb a mountain? Easy, just one step at a time.

5.    Construct a shed or playhouse: timber can be found at most dumpsites/transfer stations and makes the perfect cheap material to construct your new garden shed. A quick lick of paint and you’ll have yourself quite the backyard beauty. Get the kids to help too.

There you have it, five cheap things to keep you busy and under-budget this saving season.



The Astronauts and the Pen

When a team of astronauts was sent to space, they realised that the ballpoint pens they had with them were useless, as they would leak from the refill because of low pressure and lack of gravity.

The NASA scientists decided to find a solution to this problem. They formed a team of 3 scientists to work on it. One year (and $70,000) later the team presented their solution: a state of the art pen which could operate at very low pressures and even at zero gravity.

Another team of astronauts had the same problem during their journey to space. But that group immediately came up with a 0.10 cent solution. They used pencils.

In what area of your life could creative thinking save you time and money?

Photo credit: NASA