Pipe Down​ Loudmouth​

You know the feeling when you wish that loudmouth would just pipe down.

Sometimes, the difference between success and inaction is as simple as overcoming the little voice in your head that says “you can’t”.

Imagine, you are just about to start out on a new and exciting project. You’re poised with excitement, and you’re just about to get things underway. Precisely at that moment, that point in time, your mind starts to express fears. “What if I fail?” “What if I’ve not got what it takes?, “What if…?” You’re spooked, like a panicky animal fighting itself. Will you continue or throw in the towel?

That voice that says, “you can’t” is what moves you from action to procrastination.

So how can you overcome these self-doubts and get on with living your best life?

The first step is to recognise there are two voices, the one that resists your best self and tells you that “you can’t” and the one that encourages that “you can”.

Here’s the thing, for many of us the “you can” is a soft and gentle, whisper, while the negative voice is a loudmouth.

What could happen in your future if you told that loudmouth to pipe down?