Albert Einstein's Formula For Success

One trick that will change your view on creating success.

Albert Einstein had a formula for success. Can you believe that? One of the most significant minds of all time developed a maths formula for success! Read it carefully—this may be the most essential maths equation you will ever see.


Einstein said, "If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z.

X is work.

Y is play.

Z is keep your mouth shut."


Einstein perhaps had a keen sense of humour. Let's look at his 3 variables in this equation. They are:

1. Work

2. Play

3. Keeping your mouth shut!


1. Work: Albert Einstein had a tremendous work ethic and because of that gave more to society and modern science than any person in recent times.


2. Play: Einstein, however, did not work 24 hours a day and made time for fun and relaxation. His idea of fun may have been different than yours, but that doesn't mean he didn't play.


3. Keeping your mouth shut: It's often said that the person who talks the least says the most. A friend of mine complains that the man she is dating talks too much. I don't know how to break the news to her; however, the problem is not that he talks too much. It is just that she is irritated that she can't dominate the conversation. Now, let me clarify this is not a generic man versus woman statement. I am talking about a specific person I know. She likes to talk so much, that she will often talk in circles. And if you allow her to speak long enough she will repeat the same thing three times and then contradict herself. Her desire is not to hear but to be heard.


Albert Einstein, on the other hand, had nothing to prove. He felt no need to be a chatterbox and no necessity to talk to everyone or above their heads to demonstrate his IQ. Instead, he learned the value of understanding when to remain silent and listen.


We often waste a lot of time and energy getting others interested in us. Imagine a future where you were comfortable as a listener and able to make more friends in five minutes than you could in five years of trying. How do you become interested in others? You ask questions and then keep your mouth shut!