Everyone who uses a spellchecker needs to read this.

An example of giving someone the benefit of the doubt. That will inspire you. (A true story)

A critical negotiation was held between Japan and the UN. After lengthy but successful talks, Japan and the UN came to an agreement. And the UN official went away to confirm the deal in an email. He noted down all the key points and hit the spell checker. The spell checker did its job, and he pressed send.

After several days, he was concerned not to have had a response, so he decided to check that the email had sent correctly. To his horror, he discovered that the spell checker had changed the Japanese official's name to, Mr Kamikaze. He immediately got on the phone to profusely apologise.

The Japanese official, a man of high standing, laughed and said, "We were a little surprised by you addressing me as Mr Kamikaze, so we held a meeting to discuss what this could mean. We decided that it must be your sense of humour."

Photo credit: Oliver Thomas Klein