Whatever it Takes

Ever had one of those seasons when not even the cold your nursing can drag you down. How is that even possible??

Truth is we all want to feel alive, satisfied & that we’re living our best lives -right? 
But here’s the rub, what exactly do we mean when we say “alive”.

Alert? Active? Vigorous? Enthusiastic? Bubbly? Perky? Ready for action?

Here’s the thing when we describe being “alive”, lying on a sun lounger in paradise isn’t typically part of that description. Which begs the question are we wasting our time and money when our entire focus and work efforts become about the next big trip?

Perhaps that’s the kicker when we want to improve our sense of being “alive” because from it's description aliveness means we’re going to have to do something with vigour and that sounds more like work than relaxing on a desert island.

Like you I don’t want to settle for less than my best life. And I hope that some of that life means being able to travel and tick things off my bucket list. But what happens in-between the bucket list ticks when what lies ahead requires more effort, and no doubt more hassles. Should we just grin and bear or is there another perspective?

We know our physical bodies respond and adapt to weight and resistance work by growing more muscle. If we want to increase our sense of aliveness, then it makes sense that we need to learn to manage and improve our capacity to deal with more activity and adapt to its demands.  

Today, my cold symptoms rage, a critical assessment looms, my business & side-hustle need attention. There's a recipe to be typed. Triathlon training to get done. That unfinished article needs to make landfall.  And my kids are home for the holidays, while the house remains in disarray due to renovation work.

It's tempting to bury myself in travel brochures and escape to paradise, but here's why I don't believe it's the answer if you aim to feel 100% alive.

Right now, hard work & hassle is where it’s at for me. But the massive benefits are that by being active, chipping away at tasks, keeping a vigorous focus, being enthusiastic & perky in approach, my life is becoming that description of being “alive”. And honestly, I feel it.  Not the fleeting contentment of lying on the beach, but a more profound sense of knowing what it means to be alive.

What about you, what are your hard work and hassles giving you?