Thirteen ways to keep your fitness motivation alive.

People tell me I’m lucky to possess enough will power (and time) to exercise as often as I do. The truth is I’m nothing special and there was a time when I lacked motivation and had little will power.

As for my time, the other day someone described me as, “one of those semi-retired golf ladies.” Ouch!  But it made me smile, because I’ve done that too -looked at a tiny fragment of someone else’s life and thought I’d seen the whole picture.

I’ve realised that my greatest achievements often happened after I’ve overcome an obstacle. In the past my motivation and the will power to stay fit was a real obstacle to achieving my goals.  I’d start a new fitness regime well. Then after a few weeks my enthusiasm would wane and I’d soon be back at square one with my will power in tatters.  I’d feel a failure and wonder why  I was just no good.

It’s said that there are those that think they can and those who think they can’t and both are right. For me, the real turnaround came when I decided to stop thinking about why things were going wrong and instead focus on what would make them work.

Here’s thirteen things I’ve discovered that help me stay motivated. The list relates to running but many of the ideas work in other fitness disciplines and some can be adapted to life in general.

My top 13 motivators

  1. Prep the night before.
  2. Remember it always feel great when it’s done.
  3. Follow a programme.
  4. Use the right gear.
  5. Training is more about creating and growing, than winning and competing.
  6. Practice, practice, practice.
  7. Focus on your breathing.
  8. Prepare for it to get tough.
  9. Resource yourself.
  10. Listen to your favourite tunes / latest podcasts.
  11. A change of pace and place creates headspace and helps you solve problems.
  12. Be your own best cheer leader.
  13. Do it because you can.

In the build up to the Auckland Half-Marathon, which I’m running to raise funds for World Vision week by week I’ll be exploring these ideas in more depth. And if you’re considering a new fitness goal then fantastic because I’ll  be including the programmes, tips and techniques that help.

Go live your best life!