Top 5 Healthy Snacks

I recently received a question from a runner about snacking. We’ve all had times, especially after a long endurance run or workout when our belly grumbles and light headiness is not the result of exercising after-glow.

Post-workout snacks help to reload muscles with fuel which enables them to repair, restore and replete. It’s an excellent idea to replenish lost fluid at this time too. You may be tempted to grab a bottle of sports drink because you’ve been led to believe that it will ensure your best recovery. They contain electrolytes but also a lot of sugar, which has been called by many, the single worst ingredient in the modern diet.

Most fitness conscious people will agree that you can not outrun a bad diet. What then do people concerned about fitness snack on to satiate their hunger and keep weight in check?

I have found this simple guideline to be useful:

Real food, made by me or someone close to me, mainly from plants.

By real food I mean anything your Great Grandma would have recognised as a food. In the case of running a race, an example would be to grab the free banana and a cup of water at the end. The banana contains lots of naturally occurring potassium and magnesium. The water will rehydrate and then there’s no need to consume a sugary sports drinks filled with colouring and preservatives.

Next time those hunger pangs start to moan why not give one of the following a try: