Aha! The Good Moment That Changes Everything

We’ve all experienced “aha moments”—those sudden glimpses of insight or comprehension that change everything in an instant. They are the mental equivalent of putting on glasses that suddenly give you a crisp, clear view of the world after struggling with fuzzy eyesight.
Your incredible flashes of clarity are the fuel for innovative ideas and breakthrough performance. And for your life or business, "Aha", moments are often the raw material used to manufacture game-changing advantages.

Helping you have more of those Aha! Moments is my goal as a coach. Not to give you advice. Not to explain how things work or tell you how to fix your problems. While that’s probably what some people imagine coaches do, the truth is we are more like guides. We merely illuminate your path and allow you to see things about yourself more clearly—who you really are, how you can reach your potential, how you might be inadvertently undermining your own success (and how to avoid that). And most importantly, how to maximise your strengths to achieve your goals.

The Harvard Business Review (Rock, Davis 2016), gives the following advice on how to have more Aha! Moments:

"Aha! Tip: Remember to take a break from any decision-making process. And once you are taking it, do focus on something else. Exercise is a foolproof way to take your mind off work, so put a daily workout on your calendar the same way you would schedule a meeting with a client or boss.
Anything that helps you be able to notice quiet signals in the brain can increase the chances of insight. By practising leaving space for quiet, being internally focused, taking a positive approach, and not actively trying to have insight, we can all have more insights every day. More insights mean solving complex problems faster, and that’s something we could all benefit from, whether we want to tweak a marketing campaign, solve a client challenge, or change the world."