Mind the Gap: Why Longevity isn't Enough

Ask a room full of people, “Who wants to live a long healthy life?” And everyone will put up their hand, including you, right?

I recently discovered the shocking truth about life expectancy that you need to hear.

The reality is that here in New Zealand, as well as most developed countries, there is a massive gap between life span and health span. Let me explain that a little more:

Males in NZ can expect a life span of 79 years and females 83 years.
However, health expectancy, is much lower with most people suffering with disease in the last 15 years of their life. That means men can expect to experience serious health problems from 64 and women from 68. Things like heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer's, dementia or diabetes.

This is likely to mean you won't get to enjoy your well-deserved retirement and that nest egg you saved will get swallowed up by medical bills.

The great news is, science shows us that with the right interventions, all these diseases are preventable, and even 90% of cancers respond.

So, what are these interventions?

Exercise, proper nutrition, stress management strategies, and looking after our mental wellbeing.

The mistake I see most people make when I tell them this is to assume that they are doing enough already. Don't be that person.

If you work at a desk every day, mostly drive to get around, can't tell me how many hours you slept last night, do less than 30 minutes of activity that gets you a little breathless each day and look at me blank when I ask you about blood results and glycation, then you're not doing enough.

Making a lifestyle change can be a daunting task as an overwhelming amount of popular health trends are unsustainable at best – and at worst, even dangerous. However, promising results of a study conducted by Mayo Clinic experts suggests that one of these latest trends, wellness coaching, can produce substantial lifestyle improvements that align with an individual’s personal values, and foster confidence to sustain these changes after the program has concluded.

Health and Wellness coaches are trained professionals who help individuals identify values and make customised changes in order to manage stress, begin or maintain healthy habits and improve their overall quality of life.

One of the reasons wellness coaching can be uniquely successful is that the focus isn’t necessarily on weight management or fitness. People usually begin wellness programs to lose weight – but according to the study’s lead author, Psychologist and Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program medical expert Matthew Clark, Ph. D., L.P., what often begins as a short-term goal evolves into clinically meaningful improvements such as stress reduction, sleep improvement, increased spiritual connection, and quality of life that is sustained long after the wellness program has been completed.

As a Health & Wellness Coach, I’m here to help create hope and ensure that you live not just a long life, but a healthy one. An experience that will be worth smiling about right up to your last breath.

Need a game plan to get your Health & Wellness sorted for the long term? I offer a complimentary session to any person who is thinking about taking the next step in discovering more about their health and creating sustainable changes to enhance their wellbeing. Or who wants to develop their wellness & fitness capability to avoid the common diseases that plague our modern age.

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