You're a busy person and balancing your responsibilities can be a real struggle!

How amazing would it feel to find a health and fitness regime that fits your lifestyle?

No one should be judged by their size or weight and it is overwhelming to know where to start when there's so much nutrition information out there.

Imagine if you were able to change your way of thinking about food and achieve the weight loss results you crave.

Without a strong body it can be hard work to continue with some activities that you love.

What would it be like to remain successful in your athletic pursuits?

Your health and wellbeing shouldn't have to be a burden. I know what it is like to feel this way because I have been there, mum of three, working full time, overweight and never quite able to gain control of my health and well being needs. 

Everyday I help people like you to achieve wellbeing success. If I can do it so can you!

Consider Fitness Coaching if:

  • You feel ready to accomplish fitness results that will change your life.

  • You are ready for less talk and more action to achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • You know you can do it, you just need support to help you push through.


“3 words is not enough to describe Sharon as a coach however she is inspirational, motivational and encouraging. She has the ability to listen, relate, accept a challenge, make people feel valued and able to tackle any problem. She covers all areas of life from business to fitness and diet. She has the ability to offer the whole package”
— Sonia
“Sharon is positive, warm and energetic. She has helped me to reflect, make positive life changes and be an overall healthy person. Sharon has a passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle and a lot of enthusiasm to go with it!”
— Jane