Certified Professional Coach & Personal Trainer.
Wife. Mum. Runner. Triathlete. Lover of real food.
Gym enthusiast & ugly golf player. 

Sharon's story

Over the past 25 years, Sharon has helped transform the lives of countless people through her authentic, inspiring approach to life and wellness. However, Sharon’s path to success hasn’t been straightforward – like all of us, she’s gone through tough times. She’s had to establish a work and family life in a new town or new country many times and also juggles her roles as a businesswoman, mum and wife. Fortunately, with her staunch optimism and can do attitude, Sharon has shown that embracing change and remaining flexible in work-life balance is the best approach of all.

How did she get here?

Even before Sharon left school, she had developed her lifelong passion for outdoor pursuits and adventure. A keen hiker and kayaker these activities would see her often take to the hills with little more than her pocket knife and a topographical map.

When faced with deciding what career to pursue, Sharon found her passion for adventure and her love of nutrition and cookery at odds. She succumbed to the latter and studied at University College Birmingham, before landing a job with Thistle Hotels as a Conference and Events Manager.

It was a job in which she thrived, meeting clients and paying close attention to their needs gave her opportunity to hone her customer service skills. It was here that she developed her hallmark ability to identify what’s required to make her clients shine.

A few years later what she describes as her defining decision happened. “I’ve always had a pioneering spirit and forging new paths, excites me.” She says, “so when my children came along I saw it as the perfect opportunity to do something different.” She retrained and worked part-time as intervention reading tutor for the Local Education Authority. While also taking on a voluntary role working in her community to provide pastoral care to adults and children. 

Making another bold leap!

In the summer of 2006, a senior corporate position in New Zealand opened up for Sharon's husband. Within a matter of six weeks, the family had uprooted to the other side of the world. “It was disorientating; we didn’t expect to have to build from scratch, again.”

Gradually, life settled back into a comfortable rhythm, but then trouble struck. Sharon experienced a horrific event that left her traumatised and reeling. The emotional aftermath of this event, three small children and the relocation began to take a toll. Sharon says, “Every day was like living under a dark cloud. I was an insomniac, working fulltime, struggling with flashbacks, overweight and unable to gain control of my health and wellness needs.” 

In an attempt to help her life come right side up, Sharon decided to go back to her childhood passion for running and registered for her first half-marathon. “It was as if setting that goal and hitting it, unlocked something inside.” 

She’d kickstarted a road to recovery that would ultimately lead her to taking the study plunge for the third time. Where she gained the Diploma in Professional Coaching, the NZ Certificate in Exercise Level 5 and the Professional Certificate in Health Coaching.

Sharon’s journey shows that, “If I can, anyone can.” 

She says. “Life is a series of learning and growing experiences. Some are fantastic others not so much, but they all help shape the person you are today. Helping people pioneer lives and wellness that they can smile about, never grows old. I love it.”

Every day I help people just like you to find hope and create life and wellbeing success worth smiling about!